Saturday, March 28, 2009

Santa With Coffee Cup

Character Designed by Dr. Sajja Jayadev Babu (Cartoonist, Illustrator and Animator).

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View his action (conversion of a signature in to cartoon character) Here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa with Guitar

This Santa Cartoon Character created by Designer Crowquill for a Christmas Themed header.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Composition Suggestion on Santa Cartoon

Previous day (Feb 21, 2008) I made a new post on my another blog with original rough pencil sketches of Colored Santa Cartoon posted here on Tuesday, February 19, 2008.

The above blog comment is screen shot (Print Screen) ) of Eli’s Comments on my another blog.

Thanks to Eli for his valuable comments on the post regarding composition. Here I would like to share Eli’s suggested changes about composition.

The Previous colored Santa Cartoon has been modified as per Eli's suggestion.
Modified Santa Cartoon goes here:

Please Click Here to View previous colored composition.
Click Here to view rough pencil sketches.

Please post your comments about composition.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Santa Cartoon Characters From Creative Minds

View same cartoon in another composition. Click Here to view.

Cartoon Description

Santa creating his own portrait to be displayed for children on the eve of forthcoming Christmas. Children were curious to learn drawing tips and tricks from Santa Claus. Dog, Snake and Bird added to the cartoon to imply human relationship with animals and amphibians.

It is fun to see Santa Claus Cartoon Character in different roles and holding various accessories.

It is good idea to have different creative artist's Cartoon Characters of Santa Claus under one creative roof. I requested few Graphic Artist to send their own creation of Santa Cartoon Characters. I have received only one response so far that I am posting here.

Viewing Santa Cartoon Character at one place designed by different artists is really a way to get inspiration.


001 - Santa Character Design by Cecilia

Artist Name : Cecilia
Cartoon Title : Merry Xmas!
Email Your Creation
Please email your Latest "Santa Cartoon Character" creation. I mentioned my Email ID in my complete profile. Let us know each other's line and style of Cartooning through creation of Santa Cartoon Characters. It would be appreciated if you can send your latest Santa Cartoon Character and not published any where so far. This post will be updated with latest entries received in future. Your valuable comments are always valued.
Thanks and Regards
~ Ramakrishna

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I created following three Santa Characters on eve of Christmas. I actually wanted to animate Santa in Flash. As I could not get spare time I dropped the idea and decided to share my creation with bloggers. But sure, Iam going to animate and reserve my completed animation for next year Christmas to publish it through blog.

I spent considerable amount of time with Animation professionals. Some of them are my close friends. But not associated with them for long period as the industry wanted dedicated artists to spent most of their time in animation. I learnt many tips and tricks to animate things in simplest way. My animation Gurus are always at my assistance to share tips any time.

To animate objects one must know to draw well. Animating objects in 3D is easier than 2d. In 2D, we need to create key drawings and inbetween for every action. But both 2d and 3D requires creative thinking and drawing skills. In 3D, it is easy to animate the character/objects once the character designing is completed. Whereas in 2D animation, for all the character movements, each and every action must be kept on paper in form of rough drawings.

Above Santa I actually intended to animate hence all are looking in proportion, wearing same costumes.

The Storyboard Goes like this:

Santa 1: Walks through with bag of Gifts for a community to distribute them.
Santa walk cycle remains static but background with Christmas trees and lights moves from left to right to simulate Santa walking.

Santa2: Opens his bag to take out the gifts to be distributed and arranges them underneath Christmas Tree. Again background consist of huge Christmas Tree with colorful birds and bells.

Santa3: Waits for Community to arrive. Mean while colorful birds play with Santa and sits over the gifts.

This is what I wanted to Animate. Simple Storyboard and easy to animate. Requires more of Santa turn around drawings. Front, Rear, Side and one fourth drawings of Santa needed to show him in all positions while animating.